2017 Year-Round Camping

2017 picked up where 2016 left off with another full year of camping adventures in every month.  There are so many places to explore, and trying them out for overnight trips adds another element of fun to any trip.  I started uploading more adventure photos on Flickr around this time so if there's a link, check it out for the full trip worth of photos.  Here's a list of where I went in 2017:

  1. January: Middle Branch of the Ontonagon River, North Country Trail, Ottawa National Forest

  2. February: South Hacking Site, North Country Trail, Ottawa National Forest

  3. March: High Rock Bay

  4. April: Pictured Rocks, North Country Trail

  5. May: Sturgeon River Gorge Wilderness Area, Ottawa National Forest

  6. June: Sturgeon River Gorge, Ottawa National Forest

  7. July: Rabbit Island

  8. August: Mouth of the Huron River

  9. September: Interlochen State Park

  10. October: Trap Hills, North Country Trail, Ottawa National Forest

  11. November: Research Natural Area, Sturgeon River Gorge Wilderness, Ottawa National Forest

  12. December: Firesteel Trestles on the Bill Nichols Trail