2019 Year-Round Camping

Four years in and no signs of slowing down yet!  2019 was a great year for camping.  I endured the coldest overnight temperatures so far at -19°F.  Even my water bottles inside two sleeping bags froze.  Everything else was far tamer but still plenty of fun.  Many trip photos were uploaded to Flickr so you can see more than the little photo collage below.  Here's a list of where I went in 2019:

  1. January: Oren Krumm Shelter (coldest campout so far, -19°F)

  2. February: Snow hole on Norwich Bluff, Ottawa National Forest

  3. March: Lookout Mountain, Victoria Reservoir, Ottawa National Forest

  4. April: Tokiahok Head, Huron Mountains

  5. May: Trails End Campground, Copper Harbor

  6. June: Trap Hills, North Country Trail, Ottawa National Forest

  7. July: Skyline Lake, Ottawa National Forest

  8. August: Horseshoe Bay Wilderness, Hiawatha National Forest

  9. September: Trap Hills, Ottawa National Forest

  10. October: Penegor Lake, Ottawa National Forest

  11. November: Norwich Bluff, Ottawa National Forest

  12. December: Bald Mountain, Huron Mountains