2020 Year-Round Camping

2020 was my fifth year of camping every month.  This year was especially heavy in trips to the Ottawa National Forest.  I know what I like, okay?  There's just so much to explore out there and I'm always finding more cool spots to set up a tent (or just the sleeping bag).  2020 was notable in that I cowboy camped on six occasions, more than every other year combined.  Skipping a tent means I can wear a smaller pack for negotiating tricky cliff edges or for faster adventures.  


Many trip photos were uploaded to Flickr so you can see how things looked in HD.  Here's a list of where I camped in 2020 during each month:

  1. January: O Kun De Kun Falls, Ottawa National Forest

  2. February: Silver Mountain, Ottawa National Forest

  3. March: Cascade Falls Bluff, Ottawa National Forest

  4. April: Jumbo Falls, Ottawa National Forest

  5. May: Deadman's Lake, Ottawa National Forest

  6. June: Mattie Lake, Ottawa National Forest

  7. July: Otter River (Misery Paddle Tour recap)

  8. August: Howe Falls, Hiawatha National Forest

  9. September: Norwich Bluff, Ottawa National Forest

  10. October: Hacking Site, Ottawa National Forest

  11. November: Gleason Cliffs, North Country Trail, Ottawa National Forest

  12. December: Big Carp Trail, Porcupine Mountains

2020 Camping.jpg