2021 Year-Round Camping

2021 is the sixth year straight that I kept up my streak of camping at least once every month.  Many years the weather is the biggest factor, with late-fall rains and hypothermia season making the urge to get out low.  2021 was comparatively easy in that regard, with a very short winter and quiet fall making it easy to get out on fun trips.  Summer, however, was super busy this year.  Nearly every weekend from July through September was booked with work obligations which kept me limited to just a few outings during this time.  I'm the opposite of most people, in that my prime camping months are when everyone else packs up their gear.  More forests and lakes for me!

This year featured five winter campouts (although only two felt like winter!) and two paddle campouts.  Consistent with prior trends, I camped most often in the Ottawa National Forest (nine months).  Six of the months were cowboy camping without a tent.  Not too shabby!

Many trip photos were uploaded to Flickr so you can see what you're missing.  Here's a list of where I camped in 2021:

  1. January: Sturgeon River Falls, Ottawa National Forest

  2. February: Cascade Slabs, Ottawa National Forest

  3. March: Finlander Bay, Point Abbaye Peninsula

  4. April: Sylvania Wilderness Area, Ottawa National Forest

  5. May: Bush Creek, North Country Trail, Ottawa National Forest

  6. June: Glare Lake, Ottawa National Forest

  7. July: Garden Brook valley, Copper Harbor

  8. August: Rock Lake, Ottawa National Forest

  9. September: North Country Trail, Ottawa National Forest

  10. October: Record Lake, Cisco Chain of Lakes, Ottawa National Forest

  11. November: North Country Trail, Trap Hills, Ottawa National Forest

  12. December: Big Falls, East Branch Huron River

2021 camping.jpg