2022 Year-Round Camping

2022 is the seventh year straight that I'll try to camp at least once a month.  The first six years have seemingly flown by, and I'm high enough in months now that I sometimes lose track.  That's a fun problem to have!  In winter especially it's getting more difficult to find unique places to camp.  This is due to the limited number of places with plowed parking available.  I'll keep cracking away and won't settle for less!


 Here's a list of where I have camped in 2022 so far:

  1. January: Lake Superior Trail overlook, Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park

  2. February: Hacking Site (snow hole), Ottawa National Forest

  3. March: Firesteel Mine Bluff, Michigan DNR Land

  4. April: Duppy Falls, Ottawa National Forest

  5. May: Hacking Site, North Country Trail, Ottawa National Forest

  6. June: Skyline Lake, Ottawa National Forest

  7. July: Gleason Falls, Ottawa National Forest

  8. August: Lake Superior Shoreline, Keweenaw County

  9. September: 

  10. October: 

  11. November: 

  12. December: 

Porkies Overlook Camping.jpg