2021 Year-Round Camping

2021 is the sixth year straight that I try to keep up my streak.  There have been many fun trips so far and I look forward to getting out to new places or experiencing old favorites in new ways. Many trip photos were uploaded to Flickr so you can see how things looked in HD.  Here's a list of where I've camped in 2021 (so far):

  1. January: Sturgeon River Falls, Ottawa National Forest

  2. February: Cascade Slabs, Ottawa National Forest

  3. March: Finlander Bay, Point Abbaye Peninsula

  4. April: Sylvania Wilderness Area, Ottawa National Forest

  5. May: Bush Creek, North Country Trail, Ottawa National Forest

  6. June: 

  7. July:

  8. August:

  9. September:

  10. October: 

  11. November: 

  12. December: 

2021 Camping Spaceman.jpg