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I'm a professional amateur homebrewer.  To be honest, I didn't even drink wine before I decided to start making it.  It just seemed like a good idea at the time, and a great way to put to use a ton of the sugary foods I was generating on our hobby farm.  What started as an experiment with one or two different varieties has suddenly turned into a semi-serious undertaking, with over 300 bottles of wine aging away in our basement at last count and plenty more on the way. Nearly all of my wines feature ingredients or things that I grew or picked myself.  This keeps my wines rooted in the Keweenaw, or at the very least rooted in my manual labor.

Here's a list of what I've finished so far, in order of when I bottled or started each batch.  

Some wines I've made more than one version of and those are all included on the same page.  Click on each to learn more.


Chokecherry Wine

Adult Chokecherry

Warning: choke(cherry) hazard. Adults only.

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Strawberry Wine

Berry Meditation

A music-inspired masterpiece that perfectly captures the flavor of a ripe Keweenaw strawberry.

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Blueberry Wine

Bulletproof Blues

A dry, heavy blueberry wine that's as powerful as it is flavorful.

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Autumn Olive Wine

Invasionary Force

I killed two birds with one stone by harvesting invasive autumn olive berries for this tasty homemade wine.

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Rhubarb Wine

Rhubarb Uprising

The tartness of fresh rhubarb, bottled forever and ready in any season.

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Acerglyn (maple mead)


Two of my favorite things: homemade maple syrup and honey!

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Maple Wine

Sugar Shack Special

My first wine: a unique, sweet maple wine made from my own homemade syrup.

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Mixed Berry Wine

The Berry Remix

A random assortment of stuff from the freezer comes together in a tasty berry wine.

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Mango Papaya Wine


One of the only exotic wines I've ever made!

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