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Sturgeon River (M-38 to Chassell)

32 miles

March 2024

A birthday paddle trip down the Sturgeon River in early March!  The winter of 2023-24 was pathetic.  I was out paddling in February and decided that an overnight paddle trip from M-38 to Chassell on the Sturgeon would be a fun adventure.  And indeed it was!  Nobody fell in, we saw a lot of river from a new angle with no leaves or any living creatures whatsoever, and we had the entire river system to ourselves.  

We aimed for a huge sandbad on DNR land to camp.  The winds were a little too much to stay out in the open (it was still chilly, after all), so we headed into the forest to camp.  While scouting a spot we discovered a dead bald eagle!  I called it into the USFWS and DNR but nobody wanted to go check it out.

Paddling rivers in late-winter when water levels aren't super dangerous is a new thing for me.  I really liked the opportunity to get out and make the best of an otherwise terrible winter.

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