I'm an amateur homebrewer  To be honest, I didn't even drink wine before I decided to start making it.  It just seemed like a good idea at the time, and a great way to put to use a ton of the sugary foods I was generating on our hobby farm.  What started as an experiment with one or two different varieties has suddenly turned into a semi-serious undertaking, with over 300 bottles of wine aging away in our basement at last count and plenty more on the way.  I may still be an amateur at brewing, but I will soon be a professional at drinking.  Nearly all of my wines feature homegrown ingredients or things that I picked myself.  This keeps my wines rooted in the Keweenaw.

Here's a list of what I've finished so far, in order of when I bottled each batch.  Click on each to learn more and see my sweet labels.

Homebrew List

The Sugar Shack Special (maple wine)

Rhubarb Uprising (rhubarb wine)

Berry Meditation (strawberry wine)

Bulletproof Blues (blueberry wine)

Adult Chokecherry (chokecherry wine)

Invasionary Force (autumn olive wine)

Tropikeweenaw (mango papaya wine)

The Berry Remix (mixed berry)

Spacerglyn (maple/honey)

Down the Rabbit Hole (strawberry rhubarb wine)

Blue Monday (blueberry rhubarb wine)

Cherry Twist (cherry mead)

RAS 9000 (raspberry wine)

Ice Gold (ice apple wine)

Bookends (maple apple wine)

Grade B (maple blueberry wine)

Lake Effect Snowberry (strawberry raspberry wine)

The Shadow Harvest (Dolgo crabapple wine)

The Cinnamon Shack Special (cinnamon maple wine)

Red For Blood (cherry wine)

The Shadow Harvest - Pitted Edition (nectarine wine)

Rhubarb Uprising II


Battle Gourd (pumpkin wine)

Berry Meditation II

Still in the hopper (typically unnamed until bottled)

Future Proof (strawberry blueberry wine)

Nectarine Plum Mead

Red Wine

Parrot (pear and carrot wine)

Pumpkin Mead

Cherry Rhubarb Wine

Blueberry Raspberry Wine

Lilac Mead

Down the Rabbit Hole II

Grab Bag Wine

Bookends II

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