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RAS 9000

One of my favorite features of our hobby farm is the enormous raspberry patch we have.  On an average year I pick between 5-10 gallons of berries before the summer heat and fruit flies beat me to the rest.  That's all well and good until your freezer is nothing but raspberries.  Fortunately, making raspberry wine uses up a ton in one shot, and it took me until 2018 to make my own!

RAS 9000's raspberry flavor is omnipresent, kind of like a certain robot villain we all know and love.  I've made sure that all of my bottles are safely stored in my basement cellar where they cannot watch my every movement or become jealous that I'm drinking my other wines.  I look forward to making this one regularly, especially once I carve trails through the raspberry patch to make picking them easier.  More berries = more wine.  I'm not complaining!

RAS 9000.jpg
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