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Adventure Map

Welcome to my adventure map: Nathan Invincible's Explorations of the U.P.  This is a map that includes nearly all of the places I've visited of note in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  As you can see, there are quite a few (over 768 as of December 2023!).  I started making this map in 2012 and finally decided to release it to the public in 2017.  I'm always discovering more new places to adventure, and I try to update the public-facing version of this map once a year (usually in winter).  That way you get the most up-to-date information on which lakes are worth paddling, bluffs worth climbing, and swamps worth getting lost in.

I've broken out each location into one of several categories, including forests, hills and bluffs, Great Lakes shoreline, and so on.  If you've been to any of these places with the help of my map, let me know!  Each point has basic information, such as notable features, access issues, who owns it, and why you should go there.  Some points have more info than others.  I'm not a guide service and don't want to lead newbies to places they definitely don't belong.  Use this map as a reference for planning future adventures, not a step-by-step instructional manual.  I can't be held responsible if you wind up mired in a swamp looking for the best lake ever.

 Not every point on the map is accessible by everyone.  Sometimes I get to go places that others cannot for my jobs.  If that's the case, maybe you can tag along on a future adventure.  Don't trespass, and definitely don't say I told you to go there (believe me, getting caught sucks). These are only recommendations, whether you make it back in one piece is totally up to you.  We can't all be invincible, but with this map you can act like it!

I've included on this map all of the publicly known adventure spots I've been able to rustle up over the last 15+ years.  What's not included are the super-duper secret sites that aren't on any maps or online lists.  I've managed to gather valuable intel from old timers on a number of cool spots that you'd never know were out there, as well as getting lucky and stumbling across top-notch sites myself.  If I know I'm one of only a handful of people to know about a place, I won't include it here.  Those spots are secrets and I'd like them to stay that way.  The last thing I want is for every unequipped grandma and Insta blogger blasting my hidden gems to everyone in the U.P.

Feel free to use this map as a reference by linking back to this page.  Give a guy some credit here, I spent many hours slaving away in the woods on wild goose chases to find some of these locations.  It's here whenever you need it, no need to rip it off.  As long as you Leave No Trace, I think we can share. Thanks!

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