Who knew making dirt could be so much fun?  I am a big fan of making compost.  I try a lot harder than most people. Sure, I could dump food waste in a pile and hope for the best.  That's slow.  Instead, I take a very active approach that involves several piles, multiple sources, and constant vigilance.  Compost management is serious business.

I get the majority of my "green" compost in the form of used coffee grounds from K.C. Bonker's in Hancock. They generously give me two litter buckets of compost a week for free.  The alternative, which made me sad, was the grounds were thrown in the trash.  We're talking 50+ lbs. a week!  I also pick up two buckets of veggie scraps a week from Milly's pizza in Hancock.  I feed much of this to our chickens, who poop a lot.  Their super-charged poop and used chicken litter are the nitrogen and carbon I need to blend with the coffee grounds.  Add it all together, turn it around every week or two, and voila, 3 months later I've got healthy loam to dump in the garden.  It's quite magical and gives me a lot more excuses to handle worms than a normal lifestyle.

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