Year-Round Camping

I've been camping in the backcountry all of my life.  As a kid I went on adventure summer camps, exploring relatively controlled environments with groups of fellow younglings and marginally older adults.  Once I became an adult myself, I started camping more regularly and expanding my comfort zone.  Camping in the fall?  Crispy.  Springtime camping?  Maybe a little chilly.  Winter camping?  Who does that?  Maybe me!

Eventually I started camping nearly year-round.  I'd miss a month or two and would feel bummed out that I didn't make it all twelve months.  It seemed the only way I was going to camping every month of the year was to make it a goal and stick to it.  In 2016, that's what I did.  Since then, I haven't missed a month yet (77 months straight as of May 2022).  Even though some months I camp multiple times, these only count once for that particular month.  No double dipping in July so I can skip November.

Check out each year and see where I've been below.  In addition to camping every month, I try to mix up where I go so things don't get stale.  Sub-goals include seeing how many months of the year I can camp without a tent, via paddlecraft, and how many months of the year count as winter camping. The coldest temperature I've camped in was -19°F.  Wind chills on a separate trip were below -30°F.

2016 Camping Trips

2017 Camping Trips

2018 Camping Trips

2019 Camping Trips

2020 Camping Trips

2021 Camping Trips

2022 Camping Trips

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