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Homemade maple syrup and honey from my bees came together for an odd pairing in this unique wine... or is it mead?  No! It's an acerglyn!  That's what you get when you make a maple mead. In this case, it's Spacerglyn and I'm particularly proud of the label. 

I started this wine in March 2018 with fresh as it gets maple syrup, straight outta the evaporator.  I bottled it six months later in September 2018 and am the proud owner of 22 bottles. 14% ABV.

The flavor on this one is very strange and slowly improving. The wildflower honey is very floral, and when combined with the sweet flavored maple syrup it turns into an odd combination that's tough to grasp.  I keep telling myself that in other cultures their flavors are different than mine, and all I have to do is train myself to like it.  I've never had an acerglyn before so it could be spot on... or way off.  It's one of my weirder experiments so far.  


The longer I wait though, the better the flavors meld together into something all its own.  After 2+ years it's totally drinkable and actually becoming quite nice.  I just have to be more patient and even the weirdest wines will turn out alright!

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