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The Sugar Shack Special

This was my first wine.  I used about 1.75 gallons of maple syrup to make a unique maple-flavored wine that is quite sweet but still very tasty.  I definitely learned a lot from this one, including that anything is possible and don't pay attention to the directions.  Up until this point nobody I knew had heard of maple wine, let alone tasted it.  Now they all know I have some and I am a wanted man at social gatherings.  Get yer hands off, it's in limited supply!

I started this wine in January of 2017 and bottled it in August that year.  It drinks like a light mead at only about 11% ABV.  Only 22 bottles were minted in its first run.  Aside from a bit of sediment in the bottom from too little aging, it's perfect!

I bottled a second batch of The Sugar Shack Special in December 2018.  It's a bit sharper at 14% ABV.  Less sweet, more boozy!  Many who couldn't take the overpowering maple syrup feeling of the first one have agreed the second one is even better.  I prefer sweet-feeling wines, and maybe after a little more aging version two will take the top spot.  Time will tell!

A third round was bottled in 2022 after about two years of aging. It's right down the middle at 12%.  Nice!

Homemade Michigan Maple Wine
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