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Adult Chokecherry

Wine made with chokecherries?!  What even are those?!  Are they edible? All good questions my padawan learner.  A chokecherry tree completely loaded with ripe berries met an untimely end in our yard in September 2017, and rather than let the fruits be devoured by starving wildlife I decided to gather them selfishly for myself.  Take that nature!  Alcoholism aside, this wine proved both simple and difficult to make.  Despite gathering over a gallon (by volume) of berries, most of each tiny fruit is a large pit which left me little juice.  Mistakes during the aging and bottling processes aside, the wine eventually turned out and is one of my most unique blends. Plus the label is very informative!

I produced less than a gallon of this wine, stored in seven mini-sized bottles perfect for stashing in first aid kits for post-apocalyptic wasteland scavengers.  +2 to stamina, -1 to intelligence and agility.  14.8% ABV.

Homemade Chokecherry wine from Michigan
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