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Berry Meditation

I named this strawberry wine after a track by one of my favorite bands/musicians, James Lavelle's UNKLE project.  The track itself is trip hop bliss.  The wine is started out funky, with odd notes of peanut butter throwing everything off.  After a few extra months of aging though, wowee it came into its own and let that strawberry flag fly.  It smells like a jolly rancher but tastes just like the real thing. Strawberries for days! I'll definitely try to replicate all of the little mistakes I made along the way to get the flavor just right next time.  As an extra special bonus, the label features Futura 2000's custom font that he used for the UNKLE albums!

Started in July 2017, 22 bottles finished in January 2018.  

15% ABV.  A second batch was started in May 2019 and bottled in August 2020.  That gave it plenty of time to drop all of the sediment this time, ensuring it is extra clear.  Surprisingly the flavor is nearly the same.  Am I a professional now?

Homemade Strawberry wine from the Keweenaw
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