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Down the Rabbit Hole

A classic pairing comes alive Frampton-style in this fantastic strawberry rhubarb wine! Down the Rabbit Hole is a simple yet effective homemade wine that may shape up to be one of my favorites.  When it was bottled in January 2019 it was nearly ready to drink.  Even with only six months of bulk aging, the 15% ABV was hardly noticeable.  High-powered wine with a high-quality flavor? This could get dangerous...

This wine used all farm fresh ingredients, including rhubarb straight outta the garden and cavendish strawberries picked from a U-pick joint in Klingville on July 4th, 2018.  I attribute this wine's bright red color and kick-ass strawberry rhubarb flavor to the overwhelming amount of freedom trapped in those berries.  Don't throw these bottles overboard during your next tea party!

I replicated this wine nearly exactly between 2020-21.  The second batch tastes the same and is just as big of a hit.  Thank goodness for good record keeping and my ability to follow instructions despite being surrounded by alcohol.  Perhaps drinking while brewing proves to be more of an inspiration than a hindrance.

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