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Electric Nectar

Electric Nectar is my first true mead, made with honey harvested from my own hives. Finally, my hard work is paying off! Beekeeping is an expensive hobby if you do it poorly, and so is drinking store-bought beverages. Making my own mead is a way of short circuiting the process and getting a lot of honey out of the house and into bottles again.

I started this mead in late-2019 and bottled it in the summer of 2020.  Like most of my alcohols to date, it is dry but still tasty. Layers of wildflower essence pop out at you throughout, while a slight honey sweetness lingers.  It's a dangerous 14% ABV and one bottle is enough for a great night.   Honey is the sole ingredient here and it does an excellent job!

The name Electric Nectar is taken from a line in Deltron 3030's track "Turbulence (Remix)" from their absolutely top-notch debut album.  The artwork on each bottle is from Hugh Ferriss' future-predicting book, The Metropolis of Tomorrow.  From here on out, all meads I make will be a part of the Electric Nectar series.  Look forward to more soon!

Electric Nectar.jpg
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