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Parrot is the first wine I made where I came up with the name before I started the wine.  Usually I'm going 'round and 'round while making a cool label design until I come up with something that works.  Not Parrot.  The ingredients came together perfectly with the best name, and I just knew I had to try it.  Purple Carrots.  Fresh Pears.  Parrot.  Done.

Actually making the wine was a different story.  Cutting purple carrots predictably stains everything with extremely dark purple juice.  I was really hoping to make the darkest wine I've ever made, but alas, chemistry got in the way.  The acidity from the pears broke down some of the carrots' color, making it a shade of red instead of jet purple. It's still striking, especially when you tell people it's pear and carrots.  Where'd the pink come from?

This one clocks in at 13% ABV and I made just under three gallons.  I started it after the harvest season of 2019 and bottled it the following year to the day.  It still needs a little longer in the wine cellar before I start cracking it open.  However, as my first carrot and pear wine, it has shown some interesting flavor profiles that will be hard to beat once it's ready.

Parrot Wine.jpg
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