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Bulletproof Blues

A dry, heavy blueberry wine that's as powerful as it is flavorful.

Another music-inspired wine, this blueberry wine is named after the Apollo 440 track of the same name. Over 17 pounds of blueberries went into the making of this powerful wine, which clocks in at over 15% ABV. It's got a strong, dry blueberry flavor and a monster dumptruck on the label that just screams, "This wine was made by a guy who wishes he could drink wine and drive a dumptruck!" Our cat Milano had nothing to do with this wine other than having blue eyes and a strong interest in being the center of attention, much like a dumptruck full of blueberries. This wine began life in August 2017 and was bottled to 21 bottles in late-February 2018.

This wine is very heavy. Not only did I use way too many blueberries, I also didn't age it enough so there is a bit of sediment leftover. It's quite dry as well, and even with 3+ years of aging is one of my less widely acclaimed wines. It's drinkable, but definitely not a champion... yet!



ABV %:

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