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Electric Nectar: Ravishing Hyperrealism

Plums and nectarines are hard to come by in the Keweenaw area.  When I happened upon a few pounds of each from our trees in 2019, I decided to do what any good hobby farmer would do: I turned them into a mead!  The third in my Electric Nectar series, Ravishing Hyperrealism brings forth these two stone fruits with a healthy dose of wildflower honey from my own hives.

Despite spending almost a year and a half bulk aging, this mead still needs a little more time to mellow out.  The flavors are promising though.  Who knew a handful of nectarines could have so much potency!  Actually I totally knew that from the last nectarine wine I made.  Oops.  This mead will make you pucker for sure.  It's 14% ABV and fermented to dry, but the overwhelming fruity zing makes it feel like it's got more residual sugar than actuality.

The artwork is from Hugh Ferriss' future-predicting book, The Metropolis of Tomorrow.  All of my Electric Nectar meads feature his artwork, a style I've come to enjoy for these home-grown blends.  The name Ravishing Hyperrealism is taken from a sample included in Apollo 440's track Stealth Requiem from the Millennium Fever album.  That's two drinks I've named after Apollo 440 references!

Ravising Hyperrealism.jpg
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