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Electric Nectar: Raw Power

Pumpkin mead?!  That sounds weird...

I agree.  I'm still not sure why I made almost three gallons of the stuff... just kidding, I know why: I had a gob of honey and a few huge pumpkins sitting around!  My hives did well in 2019 which allowed me to experiment with a few varieties of mead.  Most were a little more predictable than this one, which is still aging because pumpkin mead doesn't exactly lend itself to 5-star reviews right out of the carboy.  It'll get there, I just have to believe and be very patient.

This mead is 12.5% and was bottled in late-2020.  I shredded and roasted a whole cinderella pumpkin from our garden.  Fun fact: pumpkin lees in carboys is really gross.

The artwork for this one is from Hugh Ferriss' future-predicting book, The Metropolis of Tomorrow.  Every Electric Nectar iteration features different designs from his book, keeping the overall look and feel the same.  I dubbed this one Raw Power from the Apollo 440 track of the same name, taken from the Electro Glide In Blue album.  I felt that I needed something punchy to properly represent the pumpkin flavor.  That's three wines or meads with Apollo 440 inspiration!

Raw Power.jpg
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