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Red For Blood

The Bride wanted her wine back, but I don't give up my wines without a fight.  A battle ensued and we called it a draw.  Though I might not be an expert swordsman (yet!), I do have being Invincible on my side.  Perks of the job.

Red For Blood is borne from 30 lbs. of sweet cherries - that's nearly four gallons!  I picked them from a friend's house after they mentioned the cherries were dumping and otherwise going to waste.  Can't have that now, can we?  Picking cherries from a full-grown tree is so much easier than from the puny cherry trees we have in our yard.

From start to finish this wine took only three months, by far the quickest turnaround for any wine I've done properly with no dumb mistakes.  It's vibrant, clear, and certainly earns its kick-ass name and label.  Twenty bottles were added to my collection in October 2019.  There they'll wait in quiet slumber, patiently anticipating their chance for revenge...

Red For Blood.jpg
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