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Rhubarb Uprising

I kept up the 'thinking outside the box' mentality with my second wine, Rhubarb Uprising.  Made with 15 lbs. of fresh rhubarb, this wine has a tang that is all its own.  I got a little excited making this one and bottled it after just three months of fermentation and aging, which unfortunately resulted in quite a lot of leftover sediment that mars its appearance.  It still tastes yummy though!  I also accidentally printed most of the labels on the sticky side of the paper, meaning just a few are graced with the fierce rhubarb stickman I made for the occasion.  23 bottles were minted in October 2017 at 13.4% ABV.  


A second batch of this fine wine was bottled in April 2020 and is much clearer than the first.  Aging it for nine months instead of three before bottling made a huge difference!  The flavor is otherwise identical which is a definite plus.  This makes it the first wine that I've replicated almost exactly, further proof that the rhubarb are almost certainly coming for us all.

Homemade Rhubarb wine from Michigan
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