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Rhubarb Uprising

I kept up the 'thinking outside the box' mentality with my second wine, Rhubarb Uprising.  Made with 15 lbs. of fresh rhubarb, this wine has a tang that is all its own.  I got a little excited making this one and bottled it after just three months of fermentation and aging, which unfortunately resulted in quite a lot of leftover sediment that mars its appearance.  It still tastes yummy though!  I also accidentally printed most of the labels on the sticky side of the paper, meaning just a few are graced with the fierce rhubarb stickman I made for the occasion.

23 bottles minted in October 2017 at 13.4% ABV.  A second batch of this fine wine was started in July 2019 to replace one of my favorites thus far.  I'll definitely age this one an appropriate amount of time this go around to be sure it's as sharp looking as the flavor.