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The Shadow Harvest

This is a top secret wine.  I can't tell you a lot about it, other than the primary ingredient is Dolgo crabapples.  Very secretive, and very tasty.

Crabapples are usually small and difficult to work with.  Fortunately, Dolgo crabapples are large and fleshy which makes cutting them up easier.  They have a ton of flavor and aren't quite as tart as normal wild crabapples.  All the better for making a wine with, if I do say so myself.

This wine earns the rare distinction of being a cursed wine.  While aging this wine, I added bentonite just prior to bottling to clarify it even further.  Unfortunately, this set off some long-dormant yeast that restarted fermentation after seven months of aging.  Waiting for this second fermentation to finish took another few months before I could safely bottle it once again.  

The Shadow Harvest is 12% ABV and has a rich apple flavor.  You know it was made with crabapples though because the tartness will punch you in the face.  YUM!

The Shadow Harvest wine.jpg
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