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Top 100 Albums

I listen to a ton of music.  Hardly a moment goes by it seems when I'm not tuned into something, and my annual tracks played count regularly hits 30,000.  Whether I'm driving around the U.P. in search of adventure or chopping away at projects at home, I've always got a collection of tracks on play.  There's an album for every occasion or vibe.  Need an album for bottling wine in a dingy basement?  Try Del Tha Funkee Homosapien's "I Wish My Brother George Were Here."  How 'bout some tunes for leaf blowing?  Hit up Aphrodite's self-titled debut album.  I've got a million suggestions to point you in the right direction.

Through all my listening, I've always wondered what my top albums were.  I knew the handful at the top but never put the energy into figuring out what those further down the list looked like, or exactly what order I'd put them in... Until now.  It's a lot of work digging through the thousands of albums I listen to on a regular basis for the best ones!

Here are my Top 100 albums of all time, split out in groups of ten.  Each has a blurb about why I like it, what makes it special, and so on.  Rest assured, this list is not every album I listen to; that list would be far too long.  Rather, these are my personal favorites.  Don't hate me because your top choices aren't on my list or are lower than you'd put 'em.  Get your own website.

Top Albums 100 - 91

Top Albums 90 - 81

Top Albums 80 - 71

Top Albums 70 - 61

Top Albums 60 - 51

Top Albums 50 - 41

Top Albums 40 - 31

Top Albums 30 - 21

Top Albums 20 - 11

Top 10 Albums

DJ Shadow's Endtroducing album cover
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