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My homebrewing journey has been a series of experiments mixing and matching flavors in search of the perfect combination. Many of my early wines were solo affairs: maple, lilac, chokecherry, and so on. As I matured (and my wines aged), I started to branch out into new partnerships. That include Blueprint, my raspberry and blueberry wine.

Most of my blueberry wines were plagued by feeling too dry and heavy.  I decided this one could use a kick in the pants of sweetness, thanks in large part to the vibrant raspberry flavor from our homestead's patch.  That and cutting the amount of blueberry I used by over half!  

I started this wine in April 2020 and bottled it in October 2021.  It's got great flavor and a beautifully rich red color.  The label came together well and overall I'm pleased with the results.  While dry and 13.5% ABV, it doesn't hit you too hard thanks to the three gallons of raspberries I used to make it.  Yummy.

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