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Cinnamon Shack Special

The Cinnamon Shack Special is an evolution of my first wine, The Sugar Shack Special.  Not only did I steep the wine with cinnamon sticks before bottling to impart a complementary flavor to the maple goodness within, I also backsweetened it with even more maple syrup to bring the sweetness level back to where it belongs.  After all, when you're drinking a wine made with maple syrup you expect it to have a big hit of that great maple flavor!

I made the maple syrup at home and mined the cinnamon from the sands of Arrakis.  As a result, only 24 bottles of this rare beverage were minted in 2019.  After a little longer aging than usual to let the flavors meld, it turned out to be a fan favorite.  The cinnamon flavor comes through greatly on the nose, but is far more subdued and hidden behind the maple goodness when you actually taste it.  Plus, the backsweetening worked and I didn't have any bottle bombs.  Score!

Cinnamon Shack Special.jpg
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