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Future Proof

It's a bonus wine! After completing a batch of Berry Meditation in the summer of 2019, instead of dumping the yeasty gunk when I was done I decided to restart the process.  I grabbed some blueberries from the freezer and tossed 'em in, along with some more sugar to keep things rolling.  The yeast picked up right where it left off, munching away as if I hadn't just pulled 5 gallons off of it.  The power of these little microbes is impressive.

I went much lighter on the blueberries this time, trying to ease off of the typically dry-tasting blueberry concoctions I usually wind up with.  So far so good!  The flavors are much more balanced and very fruity.  Just a bit more aging and it'll be all set.

I bottled this one in the December 2020, more than a year and a half after I started it.  I even had the label made ahead of time, featuring a futuristic passenger train from an era when things looked cool but may not have been the most functional.   I blame the delay on shortage of the fatter Chardonnay bottles in my collection... 12% ABV makes this one very approachable.

The name Future Proof is inspired by Massive Attack's track of the same name from the 100th Window album.

Future proof.jpg
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