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Grade B

Now that my maple syrup operation is chugging along, I have an excess of maple syrup that must be converted into even more high-value products.  Wine is an obvious choice, and previous varieties have turned out quite well.  Why not blend maple syrup with other things?  Grade B is one of my first tries and combines maple syrup with blueberries for a scrumptious breakfast wine.  That's a thing, right?  If not, I call dibs on trademarking it!

I only used half a gallon of syrup for this 5-gallon batch of wine.  The blueberry flavor is still quite powerful despite only having used 11 lbs.  Something about the blueberries in our area makes them super-strength.  I bottled this one in August 2019 and it clocks in at 13% ABV.  

Grade B refers to the grade of maple syrup used in this batch.  Traditionally darker syrups received a lower grade, while the more pristine looking maple syrups scored higher and were better to sell to the public.  Unfortunately for the public, grade B syrups are actually more flavorful.  Additionally, if you've ever paid attention to Sesame Street, you'll know that B also stands for Blueberry.  And breakfast.  So many meanings!

Grade B Wine.jpg
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