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Ingredient overload!!  Stuffy winemakers beware: this wine will make you more angry than the time I made an apocalyptic "wine" out of Gatorade powder.

How so?  Well, this wine includes the following ingredients, in order of how much of each I used:

  1. Golden glow pears

  2. Strawberries

  3. Raspberries

  4. Blueberries

  5. Maple Syrup

  6. Honey

  7. Bananas

Mostly I was inspired by whatever I had laying around at the time.  My main thought: "What could go wrong?"  Nothing really!  It's 12% ABV and has no distinct flavor whatsoever.  It's just a mishmash of weird things all thrown into one, a true grab bag wine.  Even the label is inspired by the garbled nature of the ingredients I used, combining labels from my prior Sugar Shack Special, Spacerglyn, and Berry Remix wines.  I bottled this one in August 2022 and have been scratching my head ever since.

Glitch Wine.jpeg
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